Automated multi-channel sales outreach. Phone. Email. Video. Text. Social.

The right cadences for different verticals, products, and stages of the buyer’s journey.

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Pre-Planned Sequences of Touchpoints

Reach out to prospects consistently. Never let follow-ups fall through the cracks.

Act on Prospect Engagement

Weighted scoring based on prospect activity, like email open, link clicked, and email reply. Most engaged prospects bubble up to the top.

Take Control of Your Workday

Know what you need to do each morning when you come into work with the task list feature.

Speed-to-Inbound Lead

React almost instantly to new prospects. Inbound leads are routed to the top of your queue.

Keep Up with Email Volume with Calls

Email volume is easy. Trying to follow up with calls leads to a huge backlog. With our multiple dialers, you can make the backlog disappear.

Messaging that Connects

Improve messaging effectiveness with targeted cadences

Define and optimize a workflow sequence of tested sales outreach steps from prospecting to closing. Consistent messaging across sellers. A/B testing.

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Choose your calling speed

Start with click-to-call dialers or use a team of human dialing agents

B2B sales productivity increases by up to 800% with our multiple dialers: Click Dialer, Flow Dialer, and Agent-Assisted Dialer combined with local caller ID. Plus, Remote Coach for training.

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Single Pane of Glass in Salesforce

Fully integrates with Salesforce to save your reps a ton of time

Capture and sync seller activity, including notes, emails sent, calls made, and follow-up tasks with Salesforce.

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Award Winning Sales Engagement Platform



Getting Started

Working with Cadence

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