All-in-One Suite of Sales Tools Working in Concert

Increase productivity with multi-channel communication, personalization, and relevance. 

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Companies that are already crushing their quota with KONCERT

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Koncert Dialers


Three cloud-based phone dialers for B2B sales engagement, from a click-to-call dialer to a list dialer and an agent-assisted dialer that increases your B2B sales productivity by up to 800%.

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Click Dialer

Place sales calls directly in Salesforce or Cadence with one click without having to manually dial.

Flow Dialer

List-based power dialer. Intelligently order your list. Stay focused on calling to increase productivity significantly. 

Agent-Assisted Dialer

Human powered power dialer. Make over 125 dials per hour on average. Have 1 day worth of conversations in 1 hour.

Remote Coach®

Listen to what your sellers are saying on calls. Live or recorded. Train them on what to say.



Multi-channel B2B sales engagement software to reach your prospects at scale through a sequenced workflow of email, calls, texts, video, and social touches.

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Prioritize Your Day

Task list helps reps see at a glance what they need to do that day when they start work.

Automated Workflows

Follow a sequenced, tested series of communication steps. Take workflow next steps based on prospect actions.

Keep Sellers Honest

Capture and sync sales activity with Salesforce and other leading CRMs.

A/B Testing

Maximize your chance of winning a big sales deal with the right messaging.

Koncert Coverage


Not your typical B2B sales outreach. Coverage is an AI-driven solution that improves your target market coverage by monitoring your CRM and taking action based on events relevant to prospects.

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Relevance-Driven Selection

Coverage lets you define the criteria (that we call "Stories") to select your prospects based on ICP, Personas, Rules of Engagement, and events that are relevant to your prospects.

Relevance-Driven Messaging

After selecting the right prospects, Coverage will automatically draft a high quality 1-to-1 personalized message based on events that are relevant. A relevant message resonates.

Free Up Time

Get a day's worth of sales activities done before you come into the office. Sellers have more time for high value activities like having conversations and making sales.

1-to-1 Personalization with Seller Autonomy

Unique personalization for each recipient as well as sender, while providing seller autonomy through thumbs up/down approval options before the message goes out.

Award Winning Sales Engagement Platform

We have seen 63% growth in sales outreach month over month using Koncert versus our previous year.
Talmadge Z
VP, Enterprise Systems